The Tricksters Abreast Tales

Hey there my seven sea followers! Mark March 2nd because that will be the day I launch another webpage of my comic series in progressThe Tricksters Abreast Tales a comic series based in a world like ours but the paranormal live along side with us in a nonchalant manner. The story focuses on two groups of people, two teens - a half trickster shy guy name Nathin and an outgoing new girl name May - and two agents - David and Charles. As Nathin and May hang out and chill, David and Charles solves mysteries and open criminal cases.

Chapter 1 will update daily but after that, it will update 4 times a month (days are not yet determined) in the mean time, you can catch up with the comic series in progress on my youtube Chanel:
The tricksters abreast tales facebook page:

So yeah, other than finals, there's that to look forward to so go and check that out - Oh and by the way,

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