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Word on the street is that a boy genius, named Eliot, claims himself to be an arch nemesis of the local superhero, Energy-Blast. ------------------------------ This was a comic strip I did for my schools newspaper, which published monthly. I'd redraw them and make them look cool with no grammar errors, but my drawing hand needs to rest when ever it can. Updates: every 11th and 22nd of every month

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The Gloves pt. 2
The Gloves pt. 2

The Tricksters Abreast Tales

Hey there my seven sea followers! Mark March 2nd because that will be the day I launch another webpage of my comic series in progressThe Tricksters Abreast Tales a comic series based in a world like ours but the paranormal live along side with us in a nonchalant manner. The story focuses on two groups of people, two teens - a half trickster shy guy name Nathin and an outgoing new girl name May - and two agents - David and Charles. As Nathin and May hang out and chill, David and Charles solves mysteries and open criminal cases.

Chapter 1 will update daily but after that, it will update 4 times a month (days are not yet determined) in the mean time, you can catch up with the comic series in progress on my youtube Chanel: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCdWkAGVNCOfdiywhJsTGR9Q
The tricksters abreast tales facebook page:

So yeah, other than finals, there's that to look forward to so go and check that out - Oh and by the way,

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